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Julie Wildman

The Exciting World of Ruling & Folded Pens

March 16th

10 a.m.-5 p.m.

$100 CGI member

$135 non-member

Click here for supply list.

(Please click on images to the left to see examples of what you can do with a folded pen.)

According to the 'Handwritmic' website, it was Friedrich Poppl (1923–1982), a German calligrapher and type designer, who first used a ruling pen on both its tip and its side for calligraphy in the 1950s.
Since then, calligraphers all over the world have used both traditional and modern ruling pens for expressive, energetic writing as well as drawn letters with interesting edges.

In this class, we will explore five styles of ruling pens that I have in my toolbox: two types of traditional pens; the Dreaming Dog #3; the Ruling Writer; and the Handwritmic (a.k.a. "Brody") pen. I will also show the EZA pen (made by Chicagoan Alan Ariail).


We can also try some folded metal pens such as the cola, Luthis and Tim's pens. These make similar marks to the ruling pens and are less expensive than the ruling pens.


Students do not have to have all of these. Just one of them will be fine to explore what the pen can do. Each student will have time to try my pens. And I will be bringing supplies for each person to make their own cola pen.

We will learn how the pens respond to different hand and arm movements; different fluids like sumi and walnut ink, as well as gouache; and different papers.

Be prepared to have a wild time, and be sure to wear an apron. You'll need it!

Please use the Paypal link below or mail a check to:

Calligraphy Guild of Indiana

P.O. Box 356

Zionsville, IN. 46077

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