CGI Officers & Committee Chairpeople

Meet your 2017 Calligraphy Guild of Indiana Officers and Board Members.

Julia Fish Thompson - President


Presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and/or the membership. Is an ex officio member of all committees and be familiar with the status of all committee work and responsibility to assure that the organization’s policies and purposes are being adhered to and that programs are being carried forth effectively. Coordinates all activities of the membership. Has the authority to call emergency meetings of the board or the membership as needed,  appoint special committees as needed, approves bills for payment.


"I love being in the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana!  We have such a friendly, helpful, inclusive group and I look forward to attending every meeting, seminar, or social event.  I have been doing calligraphy for 30 years and can't seem to stop even though I am involved in several other things, like raising four children.  I started out in a community education class in my teens and went on to get a BA in design.  More recently I have taken up decorative painting.  I work out of my home studio or travel to work on location.  I letter and paint on anything that will hold still--walls, furniture, fabric, random objects.  I also engrave (mostly fragrance bottles) and sell prints of my works on paper. I enjoy teaching children and adults.  I am having so much fun!"

Aaron Packard - Vice President

Presides in the absence of the president, assist the president as needed, and shall serve as the chairperson for the constitution and by-laws committee.  Aaron also assists with our social media presence.


Shirley DeHart - Secretary

Assumes the responsibility for recording the minutes of all board meetings of the membership, and keeping such minutes on file. Assumes the responsibility fornotification of the membership regarding any special business meetings. Is the resident agent of the corporation. Is responsible for filing all legal documents as required by law.


As a “lover of letters”, it is an honor to be a part of this guild with its many talented members.  Art has always been a part of my life – seeing, collecting, practicing, reading and learning.  Originally from the southern part of the State, I became a resident of Fishers, Indiana in 2006 and took advantage of the Guild and its many classes and workshops.  With the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana as motivation, my calligraphy is a work in progress!

Charlotte Schrock - Treasurer


Keeps an accurate accounting of the corporation’s finances. Deposits all funds in a bank so designated by the Board of Directors. Pays only and all bills approved by the president and/or committee chairpersons. Prepares a financial report for the annual business meeting and other financial reports as may be required.

I am a retired art teacher and originally joined the Calligraphy Guild to learn techniques to use in my classroom. The exchange of information has been delightful. I admire the talents of members in our group and visiting artists.

The workshops are full of a variety of styles and techniques to enjoy and use as a resource. It's very satisfying.


Kathy LaPorte - Membership & Notices 


Responsible for securing new members, for upkeep of membership roster,
issuing statements of renewal notices and for collection of all membership dues. Responsible for keeping the membership informed of all activities by the method they deem effective (newsletter, mailing, telephone, etc.).

My love of letters and beautiful writing began in elementary school and continues today.  I began calligraphy as a self-taught student using the Speedball Handbook and progressed by taking every class that I could possibly fit into my schedule.  I have studied with many local, national and international instructors.  I have done calligraphy professionally for over twenty years and continue to be enriched daily by seeing the outstanding work that is being produced all over the world.  Our Guild members are both talented and enthusiastic.  All are welcome.

Pat Rock  - Webmaster

Responsible for creating and maintaining the CGI Website. 

I fell in love with calligraphy while researching bookmaking and encountering beautiful images from the Lindisfarne Gospels and The Book of Kells.  Later I read Christopher De Hamel's "A History of Illustrated Manuscripts".  The beautiful photographs of priceless manuscripts hooked me and I had to pursue calligraphy for myself.


Connie Wagner - Newsletter Editor


Responsible for editing and putting together the newsletter and mailing it to active members.


"I developed a love for callligraphy in high school and took workshops at our community college. Then at Kansas State University, we had a section in calligraphy during a lettering class. After college, I moved to Kansas City and took more classes and followed them up with handmade books and paper making workshops where I incorporated lettering into those projects. Years later, my husband and I moved to Indiana. A friend and I attended the Penrod Art Fair and we came upon the booth for the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana. I was so excited to pick up this art again. This guild is a true source of inspiration, knowledge and friendship!"

Wendy Dougherty - Historian & Librarian


Responsible for keeping a record of Guild activities. Responsible for safekeeping of books,subscriptions, audio and visual materials and equipment the Guild receives.


Julia Blackburn - Archivist

Archivist at large.  Ask her about her binders.


Kathleen Rollick - Workshops


Responsible for coordinating and arranging workshops sponsored by the Guild, arranging for housing for the instructor(s) and creating and mailing fliers for the workshops.



Bruce Westphal - Publicity


Responsible for all media releases concerning the activities of the corporation.


With a background in Visual Art and Graphic Design, I have always had an interest in letters, letterforms, and type. My career took me to the field of custom picture framing, and during that time, I was exposed to calligraphers in the Indianapolis area.  I took my first class with a good customer of mine, Ellen Simon, 21 years ago. Now that I'm semi-retired, I plan to continue lettering for pleasure and extra income!

Cathy Arnold - Hospitality


Responsible for organizing refreshments for each guild gathering, ( i.e. meetings, workshops, presentations, etc).


"I have always loved handwriting.  I took my first calligraphy class in October 2007 and that is how I found out about CGI.  I joined the Guild in January 2008 and went to every meeting and was in awe of the talent.  The next thing I knew I was president of the guild.  Serving as president in 2011 and 2012 I had the opportunity to be creative and fulfill a dream with the assistance of outstanding guild members. Please join us! "



Jean Burns - Cards


Responsible for mailing out birthday and major life event cards to all of our members. 


Pat Rock  - Challenges


Members at Large


Represent the entire membership of the Guild.


From Top to Bottom


  • Erika Woods

  • Ellen Simon