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Yves Leterme Workshop

What an amazing workshop we had with the fabulous Yves Leterme! Many thanks to Kathleen Rollick for serving as our workshop chair and to Bruce and Kathy Westphal for housing and hosting our international guest. We were introduced to a new way to work, one in which we were more concerned about the quality of our marks than about legibility and reacted to each new mark and layer rather than planning a piece. Yves calls this watchful experimenting and the fine art of controlled scribbling. We worked toward having a proper balance of harmony and contrast while using ink, paint, pencil, and Yves' favorite--gesso. We had far more space than we needed in the Community Room of the new Zionsville Town Hall. We took a quick break for Yves to see our guild exhibit at SullivanMunce. From now on we will never throw away a good piece of paper since anything can be gessoed over!

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