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CGI Instagram Feed is now live

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Ok, calligraphers, most of you, like me, are now stuck inside your house. Maybe a little bored. Maybe a little freaked out. On the other hand, be of good cheer! Now is the time to practice and make things, and if you want to, take pictures of your practice and your good work and share it on Instagram. And if you share it on Instagram and if you give us your account name we will add it to the CGI instagram feed (click to view). Here's how it works: 1. Give us your instagram handle, for example @patrock502. (email your handle to: pat at patrickrock dot com)

2. I'll add your handle to our collector.

3. Post calligraphy and tag it #calligraphy! This part is important, this way we aren't showing everyone's personal lives and pictures on the calligraphy feed so we are only pulling instagram posts from our members that are ALSO tagged #calligraphy. If you have a smartphone but don't yet have Instagram set up and you're not sure how to work it here is a link to instructions: Instagram account creation instructions

A youtube video walking you through the same: Youtube Instagram Setup video

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