Book Review: "Lettering Arts"

If you haven't explored the books in our Guild Library, you are missing out! At the last meeting, I checked out FIVE. Over the next few weeks, I'll do my best to give a review of them.

The first book is Lettering Arts by Joanne Fink and Judy Kastin. This is a beautiful collection of all types of lettering. It is divided into four sections: Alphabet Designs, Commercial Lettering, Calligraphic Art and Select Lettering Arts. The samples in the book were narrowed down to nearly 300 pieces from a field of approximately 2,500 submissions. This is a magnificent selection of work in a variety of calligraphic hands, styles, media - all on a variety of surfaces using a variety of tools. I enjoyed reading the details about each piece. All this information is listed with the artist's name, size of work, tools used, paper/surface and date. You can tell by my sticky notes I had just a few favorites! The photography is very good and allows you to view the lettering clearly. This is a great opportunity to study variety in particular hands, layouts, flourishes, and color.

I included a just a few photos of the pages to give you a sample of the pieces in the book.


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