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Blackletter Variations with Reggie Ezell


There are many variations of Blackletter (or Gothic) that have come down through the centuries. A group of these are termed Batard because of their mixed parentage, that is they are a fusion of at least two different letter in styles. The variation we will be doing in this workshop is termed Schwabacker. Students will also be introduced to a set of capitals that can be used with these lower case forms.

Workshop schedule:


Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021


Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm, immediately following the CGI bimonthly meeting and on the same Zoom meeting number

Maximum number of attendees: unlimited

Cost: free to CGI members/ $30 to non-members (must be member by 8/26/21)

Enrollment period: Beginning immediately for both members and non-members/ Ending November 13, 2021

Supply List and Handout links:


Supply List

Characteristics of Blackletter
Schwabacker - IV BL Variations
Fraktur Caps

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