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The Happy Ever Crafter ...

Many months ago I stumbled across this website - I don't even recall how, whether it was Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram - but the name of the site is deceiving if you ask me! Becca Courtice is the gal behind the scenes - she is a full-time calligrapher and teacher living and working in Canada. Explore her website at to find all the goodies. I signed up for her email newsletter so I could stay up with her posts.

I really enjoy Becca's videos because she interviews a wide variety of calligraphers and artists in the business and they usually involve a tutorial. Last week was about addressing calligraphy envelopes - It happened to be timely for me and I explored the calligrapher's site and found even MORE helpful information on her blog and enjoyed looking through her work. Becca has interviewed several calligraphers that I follow on Instagram so it has been really nice to put a friendly face to the name.

Enjoy and explore!

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