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Interview a Calligrapher: Mary Stewart

Ellen Simon brings us this interview with newest board member, Mary Stewart:

This is to introduce you to CGI's newest board member - Mary Stewart.  Mary graciously offered to be the hospitality chairman, so when this sweet lady asks you to help, say yes.  With her smile it is very hard to say no to her.

Mary, born in Indianapolis, raised two children, a son now 39 and a daughter now 33.   She is a grandmother to 4 grandchildren, three boys and a girl.  Unfortunately, two of them live in California.

Before retiring 5 years ago, Mary was a labor and delivery nurse at Methodist hospital for 40 years.  It was a job she truly loved.  An avid quilter, she has been machine piecing quilts for 45 years.  She loves playing with the colors.  Since her retirement, Mary has found many hobbies which peak her interest, none the least of which is calligraphy. She has always been interested in letters and "doodling" with letters. One of her new found loves is copperplate and pointed pen variations.  She uses her love of color in her lettering. The piece Mary entered in the state fair in 2019 won CGI's Elmer Streich award for the best in the non-professional category.  She also likes to use her calligraphic skills making cards, mostly for family.

Much to her delight, Mary has discovered the Indianapolis Art Center and has been taking classes in water color, drawing, fused glass jewelry, pastels, block printing and acrylic pour painting.  Do you notice a theme here, all of her classes involve color.  In  her spare time she and her sister like to go antiquing to collect Terry Lee dolls, antique quilts and figural bells to mention a few of the items she likes to collect.  Mary's enthusiasm for everything she takes on is contagious. Just talking to  her for five minutes gets one excited to take on whatever project she is talking about.  Glad to have you as a new board member Mary.  Welcome.

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Wendy Dougherty
Wendy Dougherty
22. Mai 2020

Great interview! Interesting subject and well-written.

Gefällt mir
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