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How To Subscribe To Our Blog

Step 1. Become A member

1. Go to our blog webpage:

2. Click the Login/Sign Up Button:

3. This will take you to this page:

4. Here you can create a membership account with an email address and a password.

5. When you click sign up you will be returned to the Blog page and will be automatically signed in. You will now see a little profile button indicating you have signed in:

(If you are already a member then go ahead and sign-in to see the same button)

Step 2. Subscribe

Click the profile button to see the Settings option and click settings:

On the Settings page you can click the subscribe button to subscribe to the Blog and get an email to the email you signed up with every time we update the blog:

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1 Comment

Jun 08, 2018

A big thank you to Pat Rock! I just subscribed to the blog thanks to his clear instructions. If you do this you can receive an email notification every time the blog is updated.

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